Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Best thing we did this year

We think swimming was the best thing this year


We loved doing swimming,because because it gave us heaps of energy.

What we have liked best this year

We think skipping is the BEST thing we have done this year. We like skipping the best because we get exercise.

at the sanury

This is us at the sanury. It was fun, very very fun.


We enjoyed swimming.It was the most fun thing all year.


Iv in joyd swiming in the pool because it is a lot of fun!

we like swimming

At the start of the year we like swimming because it cools us down.

why we like art

we did art because it is very cool and fun to do and drawing is fun and drawing is also art
and art is great.

Messy art

This year we have enjoyed Art because it is fun and messy to.And you dont have to get a pencile.

great fun paitng

This is our pickture of us paitng a tree it's our favroite thing weve done this year in room 9 it's great fun!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Lost Dog

Names of story authors:
Nelson Central:Pete and sheridan
Panmure Bridge: Deziree and Teina

Narrative Topic: Lost Dog

On Tuesday Shaggy the Dog was looking for his bone. He could smell it. He followed the smell into the bush. Just then he realised he was lost at Mission Bay.

He called for help. A bird said "what's the matter?" "I'm lost! I want to get out of here" said Shaggy. "I know the way back, come with me" said the bird. "Ok, this isn't my house, this is your house" said Shaggy.

"Thank you very much for taking care me" said Shaggy. "I'm cold" said shaggy. "But were do you live?" said the bird. I live at 51 Halifax St. "I am getting cold, get me out of here. Show me the way home" said Shaggy. "Ok come with me to your house" said the bird. "Thank you" said Shaggy and he never went into the bush again.

The Lost Dog

Names of story authors:
Nelson Central: Eden & Aulay
Panmure Bridge: Ducati & Oh S'mar

Narrative Topic: Lost Dog

Once upon a time there was a dog called Spots.

He was a happy little dog. But one day he got lost. He got lost at Mission Bay. When his owner got out of bed to feed him he was not there. His owner searched for Spots all over town. He was not to be found. His Owner was very sad. His owner looked everywhere but he couldn't find him. First his owner looked at the park. But he was not there. So he went to the beach but he still was not there. Finally he looked at Mission Bay behind a big tree. There was Spot! He had gone for a swim and was shaking himself off there. The owner got splattered in water.

Jake gets lost

Names of story authors:
Nelson Central: George N & Denver
Panmure Bridge: Marama & Fine

One day Jake was playing fetch with his owner Ben. Jake was playing until he ripped a hole in his owners jacket accidentally. His collar fell off and he ran away. His dad tried to catch him but he could not! Jake the dog ran into a shop. His height was 22 cm tall.

Jake realised he was lost! He sniffed and followed the scent of his owner. It led him home. He was very glad to see his owner Ben there looking for him. Jake knew he would never need to worry again, he can just follow his owners scent home.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Xtranormal Stream Study Video

By Luke and Ellie

Xtranormal Stream Study Video

By Connor and Luc

Xtranormal Stream Study Video

By Ella and Denver

Xtranormal Stream Study Video

By Jacob and Ethan

Xtranormal Stream Study Video

By Pete and Jayden

Xtranormal Stream Study Video

By Charlotte and Aria

Xtranormal Stream Study Video

By Eva and Katrina

Xtranormal Stream Study Video

By George N and Aulay

Xtranormal Stream Study Video

By Eden and Eliza

Xtranormal Stream Study Video

By Dom and George B

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stream study

Yesterday Room 9 went to the Brook sanctuary. We caught heaps of bugs like Mayflies,Stoneflies and Snails.We felt happy because we caught heaps of bugs.

stream study day

On Tuesday room nine went to the brook sanctuary.It was luky because there was no boat men because boat men live in paloted places.It was also good because we caught lots of water bugs like may was lots of fun.

Room 9s Stream Trip

On Tuesday Room9 Went to the Brook Santuary to Stream Study we went to cach Bugs at the End we put them Backe
Yesterday we went to the Brock sanctuary to catch some bug's in the water. We found mayflies and stoneflies. It was great fun.

stream study

Yesterday room9 went to the brook sanctuary. We caught lots of mayflies and 1 water spider. We rely wont to do it again.

Healthy stream.

Yesterday room 9 went to brook sanctuary we felt happy because there was lots of bugs.

stream study

yesterday we went to the brook sangtuery. we learned to look after the water.

The Brook Sanctury Trip

Yesterday Room 9 drove to the Brook Sanctuary. When we got there Mel told us what we had to do.Charlotte and I caught a dobson fly (toe-nipper). We felt proud of ourselves.

Our sream trip day

On thursday room nine drove to the brook sanctuary.

Stream study

We learned that the stream is healthy when you see mayflies and it is bubbly.We felt cold on our feet.We felt exited too.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How to switch on the light

You will need :

1x light, 1x light switch and yourself

What to do:

1. Click on the little switch on the light thing on the wall.

2.You are done.

How to blow out candles

1. make a cake 2.blow the candles out. are done

How to make a icecream

You will need ice cream a cone a scooper.what to do.1grab a cone
2 get the ice cream from containa
3 put ice cream in the cone.
4eat it.

how to climb up a tree

you need, nothing what to do one hold two branches.
two pull your self up.
three your done.

How to turn on a light

you will need
a light swich that is connected to a light.
what to do
1.Press the swich

your done!!!

How to make an ice-cream

You will need:
ice cream cones,scoop,ice cream.

What you need to do:
1.Put some ice cream inside the cone.
2.Push the ice cream down.
3.Eat it,and enjoy.

How to sit on a chair

You will need:
A chair, yourself.

what to do:
1 Move the chair behinde you .

2 Bend you're legs till your bottom tutches the chair.

how to open a garage

1 take the opener out of your pocket.
2 find the botten that opens the garage.
3press the botton that opens the garage.

How to blow out a canedil

What you need

What to do:
1 get a canedil
2. light it on fier
3. blow it out

How to turn on the light.

1 Move over to the light.

2 Get your finger out.

3 Put your finger on the light swich then swich the light down.

4 Now you know how to turn on the light.

How to make Drums

you will need
4 pots and pans,
2 spoons.

What to do
step 1 spread the pots and pans.
Step 2 peck up the spoons.
Step 3 bang the pots and pans.

How to tun on the tv

You will need:
a tv

what to do
1. Go to tv
2. push the butin
3.Sit down and watch

How to sit on a chair

You will need a chair

What to do
1 go to your chair
2 bend down
3 sit down.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


A procedure is a piece of instruction we learned that procedure is a nother word for instruction.

How to do a procedure

A procedure Is a piece of writing that it tels people what to do. We learned that procedure alwas has bose langwigj.


A Procedure is when you show somebody how to do something.
We learned that a procedure has bossy languge "like put,spread,stir,grab,scroll and read.

procedure writing

A procedure is something that you tell people to do something in bossy language.I learned how to make a robot how to put up a tent. When you write procedure writing you must not write and
and then.


A procedure is when you show somebody what to do. We learned bossy languge. Like
do this and do that.


A procedure is when you follow some instruc and bossy lagwig too. and no ands in it .

how to make a

1. A pocedure is some instrucshons. It is cool. I learned to use numbers down the side and to use bosey langwigch.


A procedure has to be bossy today we leantert a procedure

How to make procedure

A procedure is a set of instructions you tell people what to do with bossy langwig.
1. write the title
2. write a list of things you need
3.write what to do

how to write a procedure

A procedure is a piece of writing that tells someone what to do.
We learned that a procedure is instructions that tell people what to do.
When you write a procedure you have to you have to use bossy language.

by Aria & Charlotte.


A procedure is a piece of writing that is some instrutions.We learned that a procedure has bossy languge.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the choir

On Tuesday night the school choir hade a concert. We sang all ways on my myndand sesons
come and more songs. At the end there was fireworks. We had hot chips with sors.We sang
nine song.Joes sister got penutbuter.

Magicool stars consit

Last night the nelson centril choir had a consit.We sang 10 songs. We had hotcips and hot chocolot.

magical stars evening

After school our school choir did a concert.We sang 9 songs.One was always on my mind.We had hot chocolate and hot chips.At the end there were fire works and raffle

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Term 1

this tem I enjoyea juampjam.

Term 1

I like ice cream.

this term

This term we done Quit ten we done maths

term 1

today I Learned hoce

term 1

today i palyd hokey i was good

Term 1

Today we did some jump jam and we did some hockey.

term 1

I liked room fifteens work shops.

Term 1

In term 1 we have been doing thinking hat tuesday.We have been doing Drama with Jo.

Term 1

I liked doing arobiks this term thank you Rachel lots.

term 1

my favourit thing we did this term is drama with jo.

term 1

In term 1 I enjoyed hocy it is fun.

Term 1

In term 1 my favourite part was going to harold it was really funj
I like swimming.

Term 1

In Term 1 I have leaned jump jam.

term 1

In term 1 I learned quick 10.

Term 1

Today we went to hocky it was fun I engoed it.

Term 1

Today Room 9 went to hockey and we pracdist some hockey skills.


my favourite thin tom is gupgam .

This term

This term I ejoyed thinging hat tuesday.Swimming was fun to.


term 1 learned qnik 10.

Term 1

In term 1 my favourite thing we did was going to Life Education in the caruvan.

term 1

my favourite thing that i have done this term is maths.

this term

this term we done Quick ten.

Term 1

This term my favourite thing was swimming

Term 1

I have leaned swimming in term 1.

term 1

In term 1 I have enjoyed jump jam.

Term 1

My favourite thing we have done this term has been learning about our responsibilities at home and at school.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


harld gav us sdics and a bock.

Life education

Thank you harold for leting us in your truck.

Harolds leter.

To Harold we miss you. we hope you come again. love Eva and katrina.

life edjercashion

Today room9 went to life edjercashion whith cool putpits we had to find out ther name.


Dear Harld Eliza and Eden enjoyed going to see you.Eliza thought you were cute.

We went to see Harold

We went to see Harold for to days. it was fun we got a sticker.


Today room9 went to the Life Edu cashon truck and we got to put a puppet on our


Today Room 9 went to Harod and they got to met a new freid.


Today Room 9 went to see Harold . We all had a paupit I had a kewey and Denver had a baby chekin

Our best friend Harold

today we saw Harold we met some new friends.I love Harold.

my frind

my frind is a berd


Today Room nine went to the Life Ejukashin class room.We had a pupit to yoos.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


My name is Chad.


My name is joe. I like to go to my Dads.


my name is Katrina.


My name is Ethan . I am in Room 9.


I am 6 years old. i like ice cream. i live in nosine.


MY naem IS denver .I leve in nawson. i love cats.


My name is Jazmine. I am in room 9 in my familey i have a litte brother.


My name is Pete.I like fishing.I live in Nelsin.


My name is Charlotte.I am in room nine.I am five.


My name is Luc and I am in room 9.


My name is Eden. I am 6 year's old. My favourite couler is orange. I like going to the pool.


My name is Ellie.I am in room 9. My friend is called Sophie. I am 6 years old. I love waching movies and playing sylvanians with my sister.I ive in Nelson


My name is Jayden.I like hanting.I like fishing.I live in Nelsin.


my name is Luke.I like to go to Tarkku.I liv in nelson.


My name is Aria. I am in room nine. My favourite colour is green. I live in nelson.


My name is Jacob. I am 6 years old.I like to play football with my friends. I live in nelson.


My name is Ella. I leve In Nasoen. I go to Nasoen cetrol school. I wosyto have a Dog kold finn. i am6 yer old


My name is Eliza. I am 6 year's old. I like chipmuk's.


My name is Eva. I am 6. I like playing with my little sister. I live in neison.


I am Sheridan. I am 6 yis old. I like iskrem.


My name is Rachel. I am the teacher of Room 9. I am 21 years old. I like watching movies and going to see my friends. I live in Richmond.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Welcome to the WRITING SPOT of
Room 9 @ Nelson Central School.

This blog is written independently by Room 9 students.
It is a special spot where they can express themselves freely.

Each day, following a roster, a child will post their independent writing here; they will do their best with spelling/punctuation/grammar etc.... but it will not be corrected (unless the meaning is not clear). This way you see the writing exactly as the child intended. The writing will generally be on a topic of the child's choice.

We are learning to write independently and to express ourselves freely.

Hopefully you will be able to see a huge improvement over the year with your child's writing!

Kind regards, Rachel

PS: Our class blog is still here at: