Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Best thing we did this year

We think swimming was the best thing this year


We loved doing swimming,because because it gave us heaps of energy.

What we have liked best this year

We think skipping is the BEST thing we have done this year. We like skipping the best because we get exercise.

at the sanury

This is us at the sanury. It was fun, very very fun.


We enjoyed swimming.It was the most fun thing all year.


Iv in joyd swiming in the pool because it is a lot of fun!

we like swimming

At the start of the year we like swimming because it cools us down.

why we like art

we did art because it is very cool and fun to do and drawing is fun and drawing is also art
and art is great.

Messy art

This year we have enjoyed Art because it is fun and messy to.And you dont have to get a pencile.

great fun paitng

This is our pickture of us paitng a tree it's our favroite thing weve done this year in room 9 it's great fun!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Lost Dog

Names of story authors:
Nelson Central:Pete and sheridan
Panmure Bridge: Deziree and Teina

Narrative Topic: Lost Dog

On Tuesday Shaggy the Dog was looking for his bone. He could smell it. He followed the smell into the bush. Just then he realised he was lost at Mission Bay.

He called for help. A bird said "what's the matter?" "I'm lost! I want to get out of here" said Shaggy. "I know the way back, come with me" said the bird. "Ok, this isn't my house, this is your house" said Shaggy.

"Thank you very much for taking care me" said Shaggy. "I'm cold" said shaggy. "But were do you live?" said the bird. I live at 51 Halifax St. "I am getting cold, get me out of here. Show me the way home" said Shaggy. "Ok come with me to your house" said the bird. "Thank you" said Shaggy and he never went into the bush again.

The Lost Dog

Names of story authors:
Nelson Central: Eden & Aulay
Panmure Bridge: Ducati & Oh S'mar

Narrative Topic: Lost Dog

Once upon a time there was a dog called Spots.

He was a happy little dog. But one day he got lost. He got lost at Mission Bay. When his owner got out of bed to feed him he was not there. His owner searched for Spots all over town. He was not to be found. His Owner was very sad. His owner looked everywhere but he couldn't find him. First his owner looked at the park. But he was not there. So he went to the beach but he still was not there. Finally he looked at Mission Bay behind a big tree. There was Spot! He had gone for a swim and was shaking himself off there. The owner got splattered in water.

Jake gets lost

Names of story authors:
Nelson Central: George N & Denver
Panmure Bridge: Marama & Fine

One day Jake was playing fetch with his owner Ben. Jake was playing until he ripped a hole in his owners jacket accidentally. His collar fell off and he ran away. His dad tried to catch him but he could not! Jake the dog ran into a shop. His height was 22 cm tall.

Jake realised he was lost! He sniffed and followed the scent of his owner. It led him home. He was very glad to see his owner Ben there looking for him. Jake knew he would never need to worry again, he can just follow his owners scent home.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Xtranormal Stream Study Video

By Luke and Ellie

Xtranormal Stream Study Video

By Connor and Luc

Xtranormal Stream Study Video

By Ella and Denver

Xtranormal Stream Study Video

By Jacob and Ethan

Xtranormal Stream Study Video

By Pete and Jayden