Tuesday, March 31, 2009


harld gav us sdics and a bock.

Life education

Thank you harold for leting us in your truck.

Harolds leter.

To Harold we miss you. we hope you come again. love Eva and katrina.

life edjercashion

Today room9 went to life edjercashion whith cool putpits we had to find out ther name.


Dear Harld Eliza and Eden enjoyed going to see you.Eliza thought you were cute.

We went to see Harold

We went to see Harold for to days. it was fun we got a sticker.


Today room9 went to the Life Edu cashon truck and we got to put a puppet on our


Today Room 9 went to Harod and they got to met a new freid.


Today Room 9 went to see Harold . We all had a paupit I had a kewey and Denver had a baby chekin

Our best friend Harold

today we saw Harold we met some new friends.I love Harold.

my frind

my frind is a berd


Today Room nine went to the Life Ejukashin class room.We had a pupit to yoos.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


My name is Chad.


My name is joe. I like to go to my Dads.


my name is Katrina.


My name is Ethan . I am in Room 9.


I am 6 years old. i like ice cream. i live in nosine.


MY naem IS denver .I leve in nawson. i love cats.


My name is Jazmine. I am in room 9 in my familey i have a litte brother.


My name is Pete.I like fishing.I live in Nelsin.


My name is Charlotte.I am in room nine.I am five.


My name is Luc and I am in room 9.


My name is Eden. I am 6 year's old. My favourite couler is orange. I like going to the pool.


My name is Ellie.I am in room 9. My friend is called Sophie. I am 6 years old. I love waching movies and playing sylvanians with my sister.I ive in Nelson


My name is Jayden.I like hanting.I like fishing.I live in Nelsin.


my name is Luke.I like to go to Tarkku.I liv in nelson.


My name is Aria. I am in room nine. My favourite colour is green. I live in nelson.


My name is Jacob. I am 6 years old.I like to play football with my friends. I live in nelson.


My name is Ella. I leve In Nasoen. I go to Nasoen cetrol school. I wosyto have a Dog kold finn. i am6 yer old


My name is Eliza. I am 6 year's old. I like chipmuk's.


My name is Eva. I am 6. I like playing with my little sister. I live in neison.


I am Sheridan. I am 6 yis old. I like iskrem.


My name is Rachel. I am the teacher of Room 9. I am 21 years old. I like watching movies and going to see my friends. I live in Richmond.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Welcome to the WRITING SPOT of
Room 9 @ Nelson Central School.

This blog is written independently by Room 9 students.
It is a special spot where they can express themselves freely.

Each day, following a roster, a child will post their independent writing here; they will do their best with spelling/punctuation/grammar etc.... but it will not be corrected (unless the meaning is not clear). This way you see the writing exactly as the child intended. The writing will generally be on a topic of the child's choice.

We are learning to write independently and to express ourselves freely.

Hopefully you will be able to see a huge improvement over the year with your child's writing!

Kind regards, Rachel

PS: Our class blog is still here at: room9nelsoncentral2009.blogspot.com